PsychoDrama: A Life Sentence...

SUPEREGO (JUDGE): "How do you plead?"

(LAYER 1) DEFENDANT (YOU!): "I want (unconsciouly) to be masochistically passive (Id), all my needs tended to instantly. But this doesn't happen! To me, in my infantile megalomania, this means I am refused by my earliest mother, so she becomes a bad refusing mother image, an image WHICH REMAINS ACTIVE IN MY UNCONSCIOUS.
As a result of this unconscious dynamic negative image, as an adult, I so create and/or provoke, and/or misuse situations "X": (my wife, my job, money, the world, love, etc., etc.), whereby the pattern of being/feeling refused is constantly repeated. (layer 1, this deepest layer, is the GREATER CRIME)."

(LAYER 2) SUPEREGO: "Forbidden! You are not allowed to enjoy being passive; nor ought you to feel refused. Your bad refusing mother image is how you erroneously misinterpreted things as an infant. But you are an infant no more... The plea is clearly is in conflict with your Ego Ideal (of who you- ideally- feel you are or should be); and of your Ego Ideal mother image (as good and giving, not bad and refusing)."

D.A.: "Judge Daimonion,my client is in great distress..."

SUPEREGO: "You'll get no sympathy from me! The pattern is always the same..." (To DEFENDANT): "Blame who you will, but YOU are the real culprit. Your infantile image of your bad refusing mother was largely in error. Most unfortunate. But you took that error and transferred it to the external world. You have stabilized on the rejection level..."

(LAYER 3) DEFENDENT (Consults with DEFENSE ATTORNEY): "Okay, okay, then I DENY that I want to be passively masochistic and refused by others. I assert that, on the contrary, (i) I am furious, and (pseudo) aggressive (angry) with "X", being refused by others: so know this: (ii) it is now I who will (take control) do the refusing. It is I who will refuse others!".

(LAYER 4) SUPEREGO: "Also forbidden! Your Ego Ideal won't allow it!"

(LAYER 5) DEFENDANT (Consults with DEFENSE ATTORNEY): "Okay then! I'll plead guilty to fury and pseudo-aggression (the LESSER CRIME); and by way of punishment for this guilt, Judge Daimonion, I will turn the pseudo-aggression inwards upon myself..."

DEFENSE ATTORNEY: "This punishment then will appear CONSCIOUSLY in the symptoms of sufferings and disease, Judge Daimonion. My client then may righteously say: 'Look How I Suffer...'"

SUPEREGO: "Agreed! Guilty (to the LESSER crime) as charged! Sentenced to the punishment of: suffering:...for life!"

DEFENCE ATTORNEY: "Some leniency, perhaps, from the court, Judge Daimonion? My client is basically a good person..."

SUPEREGO: "Never!"