Dreams are the result of the conflict between Id, Ego, and Superego (Ego Ideal and Daimonion) [pic?] Most dreams are Ego defenses. Suffering dreams are Superego reproaches. Many dreams are mixtures of the two. Id dreams are pure unconscious wish dreams.

Compare neurotic tendencies in dreams and in one's unconscious to a wild animal in the basement of a house. The purpose in treatment is to confine this wild animal to the basement and not allow him to create turmoil upstairs in every-day life. At night the wild animal comes out of the basement (in the unconscious) in the form of dreams.
A relatively normal person is able to confine the wild animal to the basement.
In the neurotic, the wild animal in the unconscious comes upstairs during daytime and creates turmoil.

Dreams have both a manifest (visible) content; and a latent (hidden) content. The hidden content should be interpreted in terms of life, sex, and trreatment goals.

"Our purpose in analysis is not to change dreams, but to confine the remnants of neurotic tendencies, which even the most normal person harbours, to the harmless territory of dreams, which are quickly forgotten and harm no one." --Counterfeit Sex (1958) p. 16
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