The 5 Layer Structure

What is the unconscious dynamic structure of neuroses?
This dynamic manifests in a 5 Layer Structure.

LAYER 1: I want to be refused (by others) (Greater Crime)
LAYER 2: Daimonion reproach.
LAYER 3: I refuse. (Lesser Crime)
LAYER 4: Daimonion reproach
LAYER 5: I accept punishment for the lesser crime, but not the greater crime

Dr. Bergler claimed there was a 5 layer rather than 3 layer structure to neurotic symptoms:

"The older accepted formulation assumed that an unconscious wish (Layer 1) meeting with a superego veto (Layer 2) is then cloaked in a defense mechanism (Layer 3) and appears in consciousness in its new guise and covered by a rationalization. I believe that an unconscious wish can under no circumstances find so direct a path to the surface and emerge so thinly veiled...

...In my opinion the procedure has a five-layer structure: the inner wish (Layer 1) is warded off by a superego reproach (Layer 2), with the result that the uncoscious ego institutes a defense (layer 3). But this first defense, which invariably consists of changing the original wish to its opposite and in this way admitting performance of what intrapsychically ranks as a 'lesser crime', is in turn warded off by a second superego veto (layer 4), necessitating the creation of a second defense by the unconscious ego.

Having pleaded guilty to a minor charge [layer 3], the unconscious ego offers a denying alibi and accepts punishment for the lesser crime (layer 5). Only the reverberations of this second defense become visible in the neurotic symptom, sign, personality structure."nnnn--Curable and Incurable Neurotics (p. 62)

This structure may be seen as similar to a courtroom Drama (the next dropdown link under Adult).