Peter Michaelson

Peter Michaelson, an American author and psychoanalyst, has moved the debate forward into the 21st century by further refining, clarifying, and expanding upon the work done by Bergler and Freud. In his "Why We Suffer" (2011) (read review here) he extends Bergler's Genetic Picture by clarifying and 'naming' our passive inner voice as being just as dangerous as the ruthless inner critic- and yet, possibly, the gateway to the true self.

In his books and papers, Michaelson takes the psychology profession to task; and offers educational materials to the public by providing guidelines, and through examples. He extends Bergler's Clinical Picture towards society-at-large by putting society ‘on the couch'. In doing so, he offers a kind of social therapy, if you will--a psycho-social anlaysis long overdue!Peter Michaelson

For information on Peter's Books and Articles, visit: Quest for Self

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