The material on this website is presented sequentially, in an educational format. That is why the menus are numbered. If you 'jump around' to different links, you may find it confusing.

Dr. Bergler believed very strongly that the public in general and neurotics in particular ought to be educated about the development and significance of the unconscious; what unconscious drives and forces are; and how the unconscious effects each and every one of us. To that end, he offered study materials to his patients, some of which have been the basis for material on this website.

We present for you a GENETIC Picture (Infant link) and CLINICAL Picture (Adult link) of the unconscious: its formation in infancy; its influence in adulthood.

Again, we strongly recommend that you take the links in the numerical order in which they have been presented; and that you take your time in studying them, just as you would any cirriculum, to learn and absorb the immediate material before moving on to the next topic. To assist you, we offer you the overview study plan below.


1. HISTORY LINKS These links give you some background material. You do not have to understand the work of Freud to grasp the material given here. However, if you are unfamiliar with his work but have an interest in it, you might find A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis (Sigmund Freud,1924) helpful.

2. INFANT LINKS (The Genetic Picture) This series of links is the most comprehensive on the website-- and you may find it to be the most troubling, and challenging! It might be helpful to always bear in mind that we are talking about the development of the unconscious component of the human mind, a component that forms prior to consciousness as we know it (the ability to think, reason, remember, etc.).
This material is not easy! It often demonstrates the experience of infantile actions/reactions, which we don't want to admit may be carried forward into our adult lives- in very destructive ways, in some cases.

Take your time with these Infant links. Study the diagrams and the terminology. Get to know the material. Learn about the makeup of the unconscious, and who the 'players' are BEFORE MOVING ON TO THE ADULT LINK
HOMEWORK: Download and study this essay: Edmund Bergler and Psychic Masochism.

3. ADULT LINKS (The Clinical Picture) Can you see yourself in the Conflict link?

Become familiar with 'the players', the terminology.

Does the Layer Link make sense? Do you see how the layers work dynamically?

Think carefully about the Drama link. Does it ring true? Do you see the connection to the Layers link?
Do you see yourself in operation in the Orality link?

Overall, can you identify with the material in this section?

HOMEWORK: Read: Curable and Incurable Neurotics, Edmund Bergler, (1962).

Evaluate, review, and absorb this material GET TO KNOW IT THOROUGHLY before moving on to Treatment.