"There exists no stronger impression of the resistance during analytical work than that of a force defending itself by every means against recovery, and wanting absolutely to cling to illness and suffering...Looking over the whole picture with the added phenomena of imminent masochism in so many people...and the inner guilt of neurotics, one can no longer hold to the belief that psychic life is exclusively ruled by the pursuit of pleasure."

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn --Freud, Analysis Terminable and Interminable (1937)

Now for the bad news! Because of unconscious RESISTANCE, your unconscious will be opposed to any treatment. This will be evident consciously in various forms of resistance to treatment: for example, doubts about its validity, the time and effort it takes, misunderstandings, etc.

The fight against RESISTANCES, through interpretations, is the main work. That is, 90% of treatment is working through!

The task of understanding the work is only a small part of the treatment-- that is, only 10% of the treatment is learning the theory.

We call all the forces which oppose treatment RESISTANCES. Difficulties arise when an instinctual (Id) process, which has followed a certain path, perhaps for many years, is suddenly required, through treatment, to take a new course which has now opened for it (the realistic Ego Ideal): i.e.,the consideration of a change for the better. This can be very difficult- and truly frightening!

Every step of treatment- almost every thought, every mental act- must pay toll to RESISTANCE; and represents a compromise between the forces urging towards the cure (a realistic Ego Ideal) and gathered to oppose the cure (immature Id drives and desires). Dreams can be helpful to you. Freud considered dreams "the royal road to the unconscious." But there is Resistance here too. One's unconscious is opposed to remembering dreams because if one does so, one inhibits masochistic urges, and improves in treatment.

We have tried in menu item 2. Infant to describe the Genetic Picture for you; and in menu item 3. Adult, the Clinical Picture. You now have a working understanding of the theory. But now, if you wish to persue Treatment, through your own efforts, or working with someone else- the work really begins! If you feel you need asssitance, Contact Us.