The Great Flaw: A Definition

The Great Flaw exists in ADULT human beings. The Great Flaw appears to be an unwillingness, possibly an incapacity, to accept the seemingly preposterous proposition that unconscious, negative 'decisions' made in the first two years of life could possibly be the driving force, lifelong, of the psychic condition of the adult.

In addition, we are unable to acknowledge that the Great Flaw is not negotiable: it comes with the territory; it is a part of our genetic/psychic structure.

To accept that the Great Flaw exists would be equivalent to a paradigm shift in Human awareness: it would be at once both extremely humbling; and would radically change our picture of who we are.

Moreover, the relentless cruelty of the Superego is tragically understated. There is an extremely negative, destructive unconscious force in human beings- which was called 'Daimonion' by Socrates.

This unconscious, negative, irrational force, which Bergler calls a 'torture machine', is focused exclusively on criticizing, undermining, and even completely destroying the wellbeing of- the self. (See our Adult / Drama link)

The name Daimonion was taken up by Bergler to denote that portion of the Superego which has as its primary rule: No pleasure! No other major psychoanalytic psychotherapist, has approached this reality in his or her papers or writings. Why is this so? nnnnnnnNEXT: Camouflage