The Discovery of the Great Flaw

In our opinion, Dr. Edmund Bergler, through extending the work of Freud, back from the oedipal to the pre-oedipal, oral phase of development, discovered the Great Flaw.

The pre-oedipal, oral infant is initially unable to solve the problem of how to "get" the instant satisfaction he had in the womb. He has neither the physical nor the rational capacity to solve the problem, to see it objectively.
So what does he do? How does he solve the problem?
Again, Bergler:

"The sequence of events [from 1-2 years of age, in every human being] is always
the same:

1. offense to infantile megalomania

2. mobilization of fury, inexpressable fury

3. turning of the child's aggression against himself

4. libidinzation of the boomerang aggression by making it an unconscious
pleasure." (Curable and Incurable Neurotics, pp.31-32)

The 'solution' becomes that of converting displeasure into pleasure through psychic masochism.

But psychic Masochism is not the Great Flaw.
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