A Social Disease? It may be argued that since the Great Flaw is universal, and goes largely undetected on the individual level, it also probably functions in general, as a significant social disease. We can see this malaise in operation in the 'symptoms' of war, poverty, environmental degradation, and injustice.

Why can't we seem to do anything about these and other critical social issues?
We ignore the Great Flaw at our peril.

Evolution: in his astonishing masterwork The Phenomenon of Man (1955) Teilhard de Chardin writes: "...We have seen...that evolution is an ascent towards consciousness..." (p. 284). That being so, Chardin placed human beings at the centre of that evolution. Due to the work of Bergler, we now can take the next step, and be more specific: we may say that evolution lingers (precariously!) in the early (pre-oedipal) psyche of human unconscious, poised between biology (body) and mind (consciousness).

Freud declared: "Man is not master in his own house."
Bergler wrote: "Man's inhumanity to man is equalled only by man's inhumanity to himself."

Without naming it directly, Bergler nevertheless articulated the Great Flaw in almost every one of his 25 books. Because of him, the Great Flaw is now VISIBLE; and, as such, conscious, clinically treatable. We have tried to describe it for you.

The Great Flaw may be destroying us.
It may, in fact, be our Fatal Flaw: hidden, fantastic, disbelieved.
Will the Great Flaw destroy us? Only time will tell.
At the very least, a careful re-evaluation Of Edmund Bergler's work would seem appropriate.