Stage 1: Life in the Real World Begins!

ALL infants are born with a basic psychic architecture, consisting of libido (the pleasure principle- a yearning for what feels good), megalomania, and aggression. The newborn is megalomaniacal because he or she does not as yet 'recognize' that there is an outer world, objective reality. Initially aggression is directed outward into the real world, as illustrated by the arrows above.

Prior to birth, all needs were tended to automatically. But now, in the real world, the infant is frustrated: for example, he is not fed 'automatically. The result is fury.

"The sequence of events is always the same:
(1) offence to infantile megalomania
(2) mobilization of fury [aggression], inexpressible fury [but this is not satisfying for the infant, so]
(3) turning of the child's aggression against himself..." (Stage 2)