Stage 4c: How the Superego Works

The ego ideal and the daimonion are the two constituents of the superego.

These two impersonal departments work in this way: the daimonion uses the ego ideal for its campaign of torture. Constantly holding up to the ego its self-constructed ego ideal, the daimonion asks the searching if monotonous question: 'Have you achieved the aims you set for yourself in childhood? Have you fulfilled your promises?' If the answer is no, the result is guilt.

The inner departments of the personality, once they have been established, cannot be abandoned or rebuilt except through analytic treatment.

The superego, like all dictators, understands only the language of force. In order to best the superego, the ego must demonstrate strength in the form of external success...or ever-ready aggression. The difference between so-called normality and neurosis illustrates the working of this rule.

The superego's attitude can be summarized in two words: no pleasure! The sentences pronounced by the superego are as severe as those meted out to an enemy of a dictator's regime in his 'court of justice'."

(Exactly what we shall see at play in the clinical picture of the Adult.)
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