"The failure to fullfill the infant's varied wishes- or merely the postponement of such fullfillment-- arouses a double frustration in the child. His megalomania has sustained a blow, and he has been denied the pleasure he desired.

"The deprivation, plus offense to the fantasy of absolute power,
arouses fury; the fury cannot be expressed because of the child's helplessness, and therefore it rebounds against himself. (Later in the child's development, the outward direction of his aggression is also inhibited by the educators' use of the triad of retribution: punishment, moral reproach, and guilt).

"The next step is libidinization of guilt and punishment, after the formula: 'The only pleasure one can extract from displeasure is to make displeasure a pleasure.'"

By the age of some 24 months, unconscious psychic masochism has become firmly established in the psyche of each and evey human being. A normal allotment of such masochism is manageable. A more severe quantity indicates neurosis.

You should now understand how the unconscious part of the human mind forms in the first two years of life, and what its constituents are. You should also be aware of the unpleasant fact that the unconscious dynamic has a profound and lasting impact on your Adult life (See menu #3).

Please go over this Infant material carefully, make sure you understand it thoroughly, before proceeding on to 3. Adult

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